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QV1 Kitchen Assorted Kitchen Equipment - 264

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”Behind every captain, there’s a crew. Sure, some of you are as ugly as a sea cucumber, some of you are closer to being a chair or coat rack than a pirate, and some of you are fish I’ve just dressed up in a hat…”

Assorted kitchen equipment from the Queen Victoria 1, Victoria’s personal ship in Aardman Animation’s 2012 adventure comedy The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

This collection of assorted kitchen equipment can be seen below deck aboard Queen Victoria’s royal flagship the QV1, as the chef prepares a feast of endangered animals for the World Leaders attending The Rare Creatures Dining Club. The collection includes a cheese press, a coffee grinder and a mincer complete with blue webbed feet. The cheese press consists of a resin frame decorated to look like metal, and a ‘copper’ resin bowl. The coffee grinder is made from resin decorated to look like rusty metal, with thin metal fixtures either side of the barrel and sits loosely upon a thin resin plate. The handle of the grinder can be turned in order to rotate the barrel. The mincer itself has been cast in resin and decorated to look like metal with a moveable handle. Poking out from the funnel is a pair of blue webbed feet made from resin, which have been secured using wire. There is a small amount of ‘mince’ (made from a waxy material) peering from the hole plate. There is a small amount of glue residue on the base of each item from where each of they would have been secured to the set during filming. This collection remains in an excellent production-used condition.

Materials: Resin.

Please note: Customers completing a purchase for this artefact, hereby agree that it will not be replicated or used in any other film or television production. These items should be carefully handled and treated with a degree of respect to ensure a long lasting life after their retirement from the film set.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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