Time Jump Device Prototype

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A Time Jump Device Prototype created for Barry Sonnenfeld's 2012 comedy sequel, Men In Black 3. In the film, Agent J (Will Smith) must travel back in time to the 1960's to prevent Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from murdering his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and instigating a global alien invasion.

This item is the prototype for the device used by Agent J in order to complete his time jump back to the 1960's. This unique piece is made of 3-D printed gray resin and features an instantly recognizable design in the form of a teardrop shape. Additionally, the piece features also features three static buttons at the top left, as well as layers of progressively smaller ovals in the center of the piece and a perimeter of rivet-like dots around the exterior. This particular piece is the final approved prototype before the hero metal version was created. The prop was 3-D printed, which is done layer by layer, giving the piece an exterior finish similar to wood grain.

The piece features very light wear throughout and is in good condition.

Item size - 5" x 3" x 1" (12.7cm x 7.62cm x 2.54cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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