Prototype Jupiter II Models and Storyboard Binder

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”And the monkey flips the switch.”

Prototype Jupiter II models and storyboard binder from the production Stephen Hopkins’ 1998 sci-fi film Lost in Space.

Earth is on the brink of destruction from pollution and over population, the Robinson family go into space to find a way to save humanity. The mission goes horribly wrong, and they find themselves lost.

Model-making is part of the creative process and the final Jupiter II was rounder in shape than these models, though it maintained many of the mechanical elements. The original, production-used storyboard binder contains 334 pages of storyboards. Numerous pages are tagged “David Warren”, the Art Director of the model unit.

There are two prototype “Jupiter II” models; one is lightweight grey resin, featuring hand-drawn pencilled notes and 3D renderings of mechanical elements on top and beneath. The smaller model is made of yellow-coloured resin which has hardened underneath into a glassy texture. It comes with a detachable bottom and display plaque.

The storyboard binder shows the most signs of production use and age, with some tears and dog-eared edges. The grey model has some scratches and marks but overall the set remains in an excellent condition.

Materials: Resin, Paper, Card, Ferrous Metals.

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