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"You are too late! Caprona has won. You cannot go back to the... beginning.

A full-size special effects pterodactyl from Kevin Connor's 1974 fantasy adventure The Land That Time Forgot.

During WWI a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. It then takes a wrong turn and ends up in the mysterious land of Caprona, populated with Neanderthals and dinosaurs.

Pterodactyls were one of the first creatures to be seen inhabiting the land of Caprona, often flying overhead or swooping down to attack the natives. In later scenes, Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure) and his team attempted to fly over the mountain wall of Caprona in an ambitious arial contraption, which was attacked and forced down by an aggressive pterodactyl.

The main body of the creature is made of fibreglass. Only the underside is textured, suggesting the creature was made to only be seen from beneath. The fore and rear talons are made of resin with wire core, and the head is made of fibreglass, with metal screws glued to the mouth to resemble teeth. It is supported by metal pipes which act as scaffolding and are attached to cables that allowed the special effects crew to control the creature like a puppet.

The pterodactyl shows significant signs of wear and aging: the colour has faded, there are patches of rust, several teeth have been lost and the fore and rear talons have cracked and warped over time.

Materials: Ferrous Metals, Fibreglass.

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Item size - 143.31" x 61.81" x 19.29" (364cm x 157cm x 49cm)

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