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Roy Miller's (Tom Cruise) Stunt Sig Sauer P250

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”Someday. That's a dangerous word. It's really just a code for 'never'.”

Roy Miller's (Tom Cruise) stunt Sig Sauer P250 pistol from James Mangold’s 2010 comedic thriller Knight and Day.

Disgraced spy Roy Miller tries to clear his name – and becomes involved with beautiful young June Havens (Cameron Diaz) in the process.

Roy used his Sig Sauer P250 during the movie's climatic sequences where he infiltrated Quintana's mansion in Sevilla, Spain to rescue June. This stunt model was used for scenes where live fire models were not required, such as establishing shots. It is one of several made for production.

The pistol is made from hard moulded rubber and based on the SIG Sauer P250 semi-automatic pistol (originally made by Sigarms, now called Sig Sauer Inc of Exeter, New Hampshire). It is painted black on the grip, trigger housing and lower stock, and metallic silver on top from hammer to muzzle, including the trigger itself. The’ SIG Sauer P250’ logo is clearly present on the left side of the barrel, with ‘Exeter, NH’ on the right side. The muzzle features an open hole rather than the closed-off design seen on some stunt firearms.

Some paint wear is evident across the pistol, with cracks and degraded to some parts of the rubber from use during production. Overall, it remains in good condition.

Materials: Rubber, Plastic.

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Item size - 21.26" x 14.69" x 2.56" (54cm x 37.3cm x 6.5cm)

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