King Arthur

Bors' (Ray Winstone) Stunt Fighting Blades

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A pair of stunt fighting blades used by Bors (Ray Winstone) in the 2004 Antoine Fuqua film King Arthur. Bors wears his curved blades around his waist throughout the film, and these lightweight versions would have been used during the fast paced action sequences for safety on set. The knives are made from foam rubber in an aggressive curved shape and have vicious points over where the knuckles are situated, and are painted a dull metallic silver to resemble metal, with leather wrapped around the handles for added grip. Both are in a well used condition with much evidence of use on set, the very tip of one is cracked and are both covered in remnants of prop blood from the bloody battles. They measure approximately 41cm x 17cm (16” x 6.75”) each and are an iconic prop for the character.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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