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A special effects dispatching stake used in the Oliver Stone epic Alexander. Chronicling the life of the legendary king of Macedonia, Alexander (Colin Farrell) takes the throne following his father's assassination and proceeds to bring the world to heel in military campaigns across Greece, Persia and beyond, becoming one of the most famed generals in history.

This stake and others like it were used in the scene in which Alexander comforts a dying Greek soldier (Tadhg Murphy) after the Battle of Guagamela, being killed one by one by the surgeons hammering stakes into the heads of the mortally wounded. Made of aluminium and resin, the piece was designed with retractable mechanisms in the "spike" that pressed inward for the "coup de grace" to prevent injury to actors during the scene. The stake features intricate nobbled designs and is finished in faux-bronze paint to give the appearance of being made of worked metal.

Displaying some minor wear to the paint finish from use, the piece remains in very good condition.

Item size - 1.97" x 1.97" x 7.09" (5cm x 5cm x 18cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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