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Star Trek: First Contact

Worf’s Spacesuit

The spacesuit worn by Michael Dorn as Lieutenant Worf in the motion picture Star Trek First Contact 1996. It was directed by Picard’s right hand man and “number one” Jonathan Frakes and was the eighth full length feature in the Star Trek universe and the second outing for the Next Generation crew.

The spacesuit is quite elaborate in design and construction and went against some of the original philosophy behind the creation of Star Trek. At its outset Gene Roddenberry tried to avoid the use of spacesuits and other expensive costumes due to the budgetary restraints imposed by the production company. There was only one episode, The Tholian Web (episode 64 air date 15/11/68) from the original series that featured a spacesuit and it wasn’t until a number of suits were constructed for use in First Contact that they began to crop up in subsequent episodes. Other than “Michael Dorn” this costume also bears the additional character names “Tuvok” (Tim Russ), “Kim” (Garrett Wang) and actor names “Andrew Robinson” (Garak) and “Robert Beltran” (Chakotay) and also “Ethan” all from use in Star Trek Voyager. The name “Josh” is also written inside the helmet.

The costume is constructed from a silver/white thick weave fabric with white Spandex to the chest. The costume is decorated with various pipes and tubing with a thick plastic chest guard. The controls and light detailing add that ultimate sci-fi look. There is red quilting detail to the chest area and boots. The outfit was designed by Deborah Everton for which she won a Saturn award.

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