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James Bond The World Is Not Enough

Bond’s Q Boat

Famous for their pre title action sequences, the Bond movies have always strived to improve these much anticipated movie moments. The World is Not Enough (1999) saw the longest and probably best of these cinema treats, a high speed jet boat chase along London’s River Thames. It remains as one of Bond’s most exciting pursuits and  the scene is regarded among the very best in the history of the entire franchise.

The chase begins while James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is at MI6 headquarters. There is a failed bombing attempt and, after spotting the probable suspect, The Cigar Girl (Renard’s terrorist accomplice, played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta) through a hole in the building, Bond commandeers Q’s unfinished jet boat and sets off after her in his usual inimitable style.  In Bond’s world, the boat is a sophisticated, powerful, well armoured vessel designed by Q division, it is highly manoeuvrable and computer controlled. It also has GPS navigation and a full array of torpedoes and machine guns.

The full size Q Boat in the Propstore collection was specifically constructed for use with a special effects air cannon. It was fired up a ramp for the final scenes where the boat leaves the water and lands next to the Millennium Dome. The boat is outwardly detailed the same as the fully equipped version but has no engine for optimum weight and internally there is a very sturdy metal tube running its entire length. The dents and scratches on the underside can be matched on screen to this particular scene.

Initially conceived by production designer Peter Lamont, fifteen shells were constructed for filming by Riddle Marine of Idaho. Riddle specialize in high performance jet boats and have another of their creations featured in The Quantum of Solace. The shells were then shipped to the UK and detailed at the workshops of Pinewood studios. Four of the boats were functioning and operational, powered by an enormous 5.7 V8 engines. The rest were designed for specific purposes including the incredible barrel role, underwater filming as well as the afore mentioned SFX cannon shots. Only 9 boats remain today, and can often be found in museums and touring exhibitions. The Prop Store boat is on permanent display in our warehouse on a custom made stand which can rotate and elevate.

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