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Back To The Future 2

Griff’s Gang Hoverboard

Biff, Griff and Buford Tannen. Three different generations of the same family hell bent on disrupting and bullying Marty McFly. Back to the Future Part II saw Griff Tannen, grandson of Biff, along with his gang members, Data (Ricky Dean Logan), Spike (Darlene Vogel) and Whitey (Jason Scott Lee) take on Michael J Fox’s character and as always make fools of themselves. The memorable scene at the courthouse involves a chase ending with Marty, on Hoverboard, running out of power over water. Griff explains that you need the power of the “Pit bull” to travel across water! Marty jumps of the board into the pond and the advancing Griff and gang crash into the building.

Griff’s board is the all powerful Pit bull, the version we have at the Props Store is made from lightweight Styrofoam. These were generally fixed to the actors feet so that when they were suspended on cranes for filming the illusion of flying was more effective. The foam board is sandwiched in hard plastic and painted. The Pit Bull logo and name are stickers. It still has it foot pad and the plastic horns to the front. It has been autographed by actor Tom Wilson at some point in its life. The famous jets were sadly lost in the midst of time and it shows a lot of wear and tear. The foam boards were not very durable and the few that survived filming are generally in poor condition.

The three gang members also all have their own unique boards.

The “No Tech” board was used by Data. This features a printed circuit board design with a flame, this is a photo laid on to the deck. Again ours is a stunt lightweight version in very good condition with vac formed plastic magnetic plates painted to look like metal.

The “Question Mark” board was used by the only female member of Griffs Gang, Spike. This is a hero wooden board, painted black with bronze glitter. There is a large red question mark to the centre which is a sticker. The details on the base are hand painted and the whole board has a varnish coating to protect all the artwork. It is completed by spinning foot pad and solid magnetic plates.

The final Hoverboard was the “Rising Sun”. The board in our collection is wood but sadly missing its foot pad. The distinctive Japanese style sun pattern in vinyl applied and coated. It is in fine condition and is perhaps the most attractive of the five boards seen in Back to the Future Part II

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