Nomi Marks’ (Jamie Clayton) Apartment Arrival Costume

Lito Rodriguez’s (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) Depression Long Johns

Riley Blue’s (Tuppence Middleton) Nyx Apartment Costume

Sun Bak’s (Bae Doona) Palazzo Fight Costume

Lila Facchini’s (Valeria Bilello) Balcony Costume

Angelica Turing’s (Daryl Hannah) Psycellium Experiment Costume

Kala Dandekar’s (Tina Desai) Palazzo Fight Top and Jeans

The Chairman’s (Stephen Boxer) Intimidation Costume and Bloody Mask

Capheus Onyango’s (Aml Ameen) Campaign Poster

Whispers’ (Terrence Mann) Neural Helmet

Will Gorski’s (Brian J. Smith) BPO Infiltration Costume

Wolfgang Bogdanow’s (Max Riemelt) Palazzo Fight Costume