X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) Partial SFX Stunt Blades Super Sale II 50% Off

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A set of Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) partial stunt blades from Gavin Hood's 2009 superhero blockbuster, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film follows Logan (Hugh Jackman) and his initial journey towards becoming the hero we know him to be. In the film, Wade, a mercenary known later as Deadpool, is implanted with mutant abilities, including his retractable blades in his hands.

These blades helped the special effects team in extending the blades out from what they appeared on set. This mixture of practical and computer graphic blades would have been used in scenes where the they must stab through someone or something. The blades are made of dense rubber and are attached to metal wire pieces and palm grips with a small strip of felt adhered to the end of each that were used for stunt impalement sequences. Each blade is attached to metal wire pieces with palm grips. The blades have been painted silver to resemble metal and one of the palm grips is labelled with a small "L" to note which hand it should be used by.

The blades show minor wear from production use and remain in very good condition.

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