U.S. Marshals

Storyboard Binder

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A storyboard binder from the 1998 'wrong man' thriller U.S. Marshals. One of the biggest plot points in the film is when a Boeing 727 full of prisoners crashes into a lake. The entire sequence of shots is laid out in this storyboard, including a chart of the plane and notes on the action. Also included is the storyboard for a helicopter action sequence which was cut from the film.

The helicopter section is 24 pages long, and the airplane section is 65 pages, plus charts and reference sketches. There are also post-it notes attached to many pages with notes on action, and the first page is a copy of a letter from conceptual artist Tom Southwell to visual effects supervisor Peter Donen explaining a few things about the storyboard.

This piece is in good condition and every page is present.

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