GS11 Kodalith and Matte Animation Cel Set

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An original set of cels, transparencies and mattes relating to a single frame of a single shot (shot "GS11" in the 1982 Disney science-fiction classic Tron. The shot features Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and Lora (Cindy Morgan). Tron was a unique accomplishment in filmmaking, with a visual style that had never before been seen - and was accomplished in a pre-digital, photochemical era of visual effects.

The electronic world in the film was accomplished with a unique system of animation and processing that was conceived specifically for the film. This involved creating numerous high-contrast mattes for different elements of a particular shot (or frame), such as the body matte, circuit reveal, face reveal, etc. Each of these mattes were processed one pass at a time by exposing a piece of film, backing it up in the camera, and then exposing the next element - sometimes up to 25 different passes were done on a single piece of film. These were all compiled in-camera, so that there was no need for optical compositing.

This set includes 14 different cels, all measuring approximately 20" x 12.5," and having animation stand registration holes at the bottom.

The cels relating to the characters in the shot are:

- Continuous tone image of actors in costume, marked "CT" for continuous tone.

- Background grid matte, with hand-painted black ink and black gaffer's tape to block "light leaks", marked "GS11 Vector Neg"

- Black paper "Garbage matte" for face reveal, marked "FRE 1"

- Hand-painted face reveal matte

- Hand-painted body matte for circuit reveal (body outlines), marked BM 64

- Paper circuit reveal "garbage matte", marked CRE

- High contrast circuit reveal matte, marked "HC" for high-contrast

- Hand-painted character outline matte for circuit reveal, marked "CR 64"

- Hand-painted eye reveal matte, marked "ER 64"

- Paper garbage matte for eye reveal, marked "ERE 3"

The cels relating to the background elements in the shot are:

- High-contrast background grid matte, marked "GS11 Trans"

- Additional background matte created from gaffer's tape on cel, marked "GS11 V-1"

- Hand-airbrushed background gradient matte, marked "V GRAD 1"

- High-contrast background matte with additional blocking applied by gaffer's tape and ink, marked "GS11 "V-2"

All of these elements were needed to create a single frame of a single shot for the film, representing what an enormous undertaking it was to produce. These elements have been kept together ever since production wrapped. While single Tron "continuous tone" Kodaliths have surfaced before, we have never seen a full set of elements and mats offered together like this on the collector's market before.

Additional information on the technical process of creating the visual effects for the film can be seen in the attached article scan.

*Please note: The lighter product photos were photographed on a lightbox to bring out the detail of the piece.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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