Superman III

Superman Costume Designs

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"I ask you to kill Superman, and you're telling me you couldn't even do that one, simple thing."

Superman costume designs from the production of Richard Lester’s 1983 superhero sequel Superman III.

Synthetic kryptonite laced with tar causes Superman (Christopher Reeve) to split in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

These costume designs and others like them were used on the production and given to the film crew working on the cave/computer sequences of the film. There are eight pages showing Superman in his iconic costume from different angles and each page has a small handwritten number and letter in the bottom corner. They are held together with a metal paper clip.

The pages have very minor wear from age and storage. The paper clip has rusted and rust has transferred onto some of the pages.

Materials: Paper, Ferrous Metals.

Item size - 12.99" x 7.87" x 0.12" (33cm x 20cm x 0.3cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

This item is on consignment and is sold under the margin scheme for collector's items; no VAT is due.
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