Supergirl's (Helen Slater) SFX Flying Body Harness

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Supergirl's (Helen Slater) special effects flying body harness from Jeannot Szwarc's superhero film Supergirl.

This body harness was specifically created for the sequences in which Supergirl was required to fly horizontally, and was originally obtained from a Pinewood Studios office employee.

This consists of a fibreglass cast of Slater's torso, with a metal fixture on the right side that attached to a special effects rig. The upper half of the torso is painted blue, and the lower half and fixture are finished in light brown paint. Layers of padded foam are applied to the inside for comfort during use and a thick yellow canvas strap with a metal buckle is adhered to the back. "No 4" is written on the strap in black marker. The harness displays signs of production use, including light paint wear, minor marks and small plucks on the strap.

Materials: Fibreglass, Ferrous Metals, Foam.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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