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A Symbiote Chest from the seventh season of the popular long-running science fiction series Stargate: SG-1.

The chest was used in the episode "Birthright" and is composed of fiberglass and foam all of which has been made to resemble wood and painted gold. There are incredibly detailed carvings on all sides of the piece that feature numerous types of symbols and hieroglyphics.

The chest features carrying handles: two long poles mounted parallel from one another at the top exterior of the chest. Adding extra detail to this already intricate item, the poles feature bird carvings on each end as well as designs running the length of the carrying handles.

The top piece seamlessly lifts off, revealing that the chest is hollow inside and can be easily utilized for storage. It measures approximately 22" x 33" x 53" (56cm x 84cm x 135cm) and is in good condition.

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