Star Trek: Discovery

Lot # 13: 'The Vulcan Hello' (101)/'Battle at the Binary Stars' (102) - Saru's (Doug Jones) Science Uniform

Stock #131624

Saru's (Doug Jones) science uniform from the episodes 'The Vulcan Hello' (101) and 'Battle at the Binary Stars' (102) of Star Trek: Discovery. In the episodes, Saru wears his uniform while serving as chief science officer aboard the Shenzhou. This lot consists of a blue cotton-spandex blend jacket, science division, with silver striping, zippers, and embellishments; a matching pair of blue and silver pants; and a blue spandex T-shirt. The jacket and pants are both marked "#3 Saru". The costume is in excellent overall condition.

Item size - 16" x 14" x 4" (40.64cm x 35.56cm x 10.16cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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