Serpent and the Rainbow, The

Zombie Bride Puppet

Stock #103632

A mechanical zombie puppet from the 1987 Wes Craven horror picture, The Serpent and The Rainbow. The gowned zombie figure can be seen throughout the film as Dennis (Bill Pullman) deals with his recurring visions and nightmares.

The zombie is crafted out of foam latex over a metal rod core with rotating joints. The skin has been painted and detailed to appear as though it is decomposing and winkled. Additionally, the puppet is dressed in a heavily distressed lace wedding gown and features curly grey hair and a production-distressed veil.

There are multiple tubes running along the spine of the zombie up to the base of the skull, which were used during production to house the puppeteers pull wires. These wires controlled all of the zombie's facial movements during filming with just a simple pull and still remain connected to their original wooden control handles. The entire piece comes attached to a ready for display wooden stand and measures approximately 18" x 17" x 48" (46cm x 43cm x 122cm.)

The foam latex in the joints and jaw have begun to deteriorate somewhat, but the piece remains in fair and fragile condition.

Item size - 22" x 22" x 49" (55.88cm x 55.88cm x 124.46cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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