Serpent and the Rainbow, The

Decaying Corpse

Stock #24623

This is a static decaying corpse from the 1987 Wes Craven horror film, The Serpent and The Rainbow. This item can be seen during scenes in the graveyard as Alan (Bill Pullman) falls into a freshly dug grave hole that was left open by a group of grave robbers.

The prop corpse is crafted out of a combination latex and foam filling over a metal rod core with bendable, rotating joints. The exterior skin has been painted and detailed to appear as though it is decomposing and winkled. Additionally, the static puppet is dressed in a heavily distressed khaki jumpsuit and features various strands of curly gray hair.

The entire piece is very fragile due to age and use and some areas have begun to deteriorate, but the piece is still in overall fair condition.

Item size - 65" x 18" x 7" (165.1cm x 45.72cm x 17.78cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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