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Lot # 219: Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - RoboCop's (Robert John Burke) Jetpack with Hand-Drawn Craig Hayes Alternate Concepts

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RoboCop's (Robert John Burke) Jetpack with hand-drawn concept illustrations by Craig Hayes created for Fred Dekker's sci-fi action sequel Robocop 3. Robocop was given a prototype jetpack designed by his primary technician, Dr. Marie Lazarus (Jill Hennessey) to more effectively fight crime. The jetpack features notably at the end of the film when RoboCop joins resistance fighters in Old Detroit against the OCP, who were forcibly relocating local residents. Shots for the film were done with the actor in costume wearing this full-size jetpack prop, as well as a stop-motion miniature puppet.

The hero jetpack costume prop was designed and built for the film by Craig Hayes (then Craig Davies.) It is entirely custom-made, primarily from vacuum-formed plastic components with internal metal framework and external metal pistons and dressing details in order to be both lightweight and realistic. It is detailed on the front side as well as the reverse side, with thrusters included in the top shoulders and at the bottom of the unit. The jetpack incorporates some functional elements, such as the movable arms that attach to the pack's body on ball-and-socket joints, the spring-loaded shoulder locking clamps, which retract when released via a cable-mechanism, and red neon lights on either side of the wearer's neck. All elements remain functional, and are accessed through a removable surface panel on the back of the pack.

Realism comes through the various dummy electronic cables, connectors, hoses, fittings and decals that are applied throughout. The piece is expertly finished with a metallic paintwork and weathered to look used.

Also included are the original hand-drawn final jetpack designs by Hayes. Dated September 1990, there are three pages of concepts rendered in mixed media and feature cut-and-paste technique, with jetpacks drawn separately and then applied to photocopy prints of Robocop. Beyond the designs are an additional three pages of hand-drawn construction drawings and notes from the fabrication of the costume prop.

The jetpack is mounted to a custom display stand that allows it to rotate to display from any angle. It remains in good overall condition, with surface wear and very minor damage in some areas from its use in filming. Dimensions (on floor-mount display stand): 62" x 42" x 27" (158 cm x 107 cm x 68 cm)

Estimate: $18,000 - 22,000

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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