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Lot # 365 - Live Auction 2017 - RoboCop’s (Peter Weller) Costume

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RoboCop's (Peter Weller) costume from Irvin Kershner's sci-fi sequel RoboCop 2. This costume's chest plate screen matches the sequence in which RoboCop is shot in the chest with a taser by Angie (Galyn Gorg). The body armour elements are also believed to be from the original RoboCop film, before being repainted for use in RoboCop 2. The fibreglass helmet was likely made specifically for RoboCop 2, as it is believed that all armour components on the original film were urethane.

Included is a set of urethane armour pieces, fibreglass helmet and a foam-and-spandex undersuit. The armour pieces are intricately crafted, painted with a metallic-blue finish, and were designed to be easily donned and removed. The helmet is cast and painted to match the armour components, with a latex face adhered into it to complete the look of the mechanical hero during stunt shots. A strip of Velcro is adhered to the inside-top of the helmet, where it would attach to the performer's headcap. The black undersuit is made of a polyester fabric with foam-latex padding, and is delicate due to age.

The suit shows wear from production use and age, such as chipped paint and cracks across most of the pieces, and the undersuit is highly fragile. A black abrasion runs down the left side of the chest piece. The suit has undergone sympathetic restoration and stabilization to the foam components, notably on the abdomen of the undersuit, which had become hardened and brittle over the years. Additional work has been done to the suit's fasteners to secure the costume in place. The piece is permanently mounted to a custom mannequin, and remains in fair condition.

£25,000 - 35,000

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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