Lot #276 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Light-up Starship Prometheus Bridge Set

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This lot will be auctioned on Tuesday, November 9th. The auction will begin at 3:00pm GMT and lots are sold sequentially via live auctioneer; tune in to the live streaming broadcast on auction day to follow the pace. Note other lots in the auction may close on November 10th or November 11th.

A light-up starship Prometheus bridge set from Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller Prometheus. Captain Janek (Idris Elba) and his crew were seen throughout the film at their consoles on the bridge of The Prometheus, a scientific vessel on a mission funded by the Weyland Corporation. The bridge design was inspired by an unused Ron Cobb design from the original Alien, and updated with modern consoles and graphics.

This impressive multi-component set consists of the key set pieces from the Prometheus bridge, including six grey and green C-shaped consoles made from wood, metal and fiberglass in several sizes and designs, including: a standing Captain's console; two front pilot Consoles with chairs; two rear consoles with chairs; one Captain's navigation double console; four operator's screens; three hanging wall console units with additional detail panels; and a set of rubber floor panels.

Each panel and console features a series of video screens which run custom animated motion graphics from a series of DVD players incorporated into each console. The graphic videos are originals from the film. The paneling is detailed throughout with a series of interactive buttons, switches, and knobs, many of which illuminate. These beautifully-designed consoles featured throughout a number of key scenes in the film and are highly impressive when illuminated. The four chairs, one for each single-width console, are made of fiberglass and wood with padded seats, headrests, and strap-and-harness systems.

This lot shows evidence of usage, handling, and age, including various scrapes and small cracks throughout, cracking on the top of the double-wide console, extensive cracking on panels on one wall unit, along with a number of missing details on several consoles, such as knobs and buttons. Some larger elements are also not present, including a seatbelt strap section on one chair; a removed insert panel on a wall unit; a missing gaming keypad on one console; and a missing black trackball control on another. Each console includes numerous electronic elements including multiple DVD players that all must be started in order to fully illuminate the piece; some of the smallest screens on the consoles currently have no video source connected though they could be added if desired.

Dimensions (control panel, largest): 203.25 cm x 223.75 cm x 112 cm (80" x 88" x 44"); (background panel, largest): 40.75 cm x 188 cm x 106.75 cm (16" x 74" x 42"); (chairs, each): 139.75 cm x 76.25 cm x 137.25 cm (55" x 30" x 54")

Contains electronic components; see notice in the Buyer's Guide.

Special shipping required; see notice in the Buyer's Guide.

Full components list:

Captain Janek's (Idris Elba) Standing "Lower Bridge" Captain's Console [front center]; Navigator Chance's (Emun Elliott) Pilot Console [front left]; Pilot Ravel's (Benedict Wong) Pilot Console [front right]; Geologist Fifeld's (Sean Harris) Rear Console [back left];

Biologist Millburn's (Rafe Spall) Rear Console [back right]; Captain Janek's (Idris Elba) Captain's Navigation Double Console [back center]; four Bridge Chairs with Harnesses; four Clear Overhead Screens for Seated Consoles; three Hanging Wall Console Units; seven Smaller Detail Panels for Wall Consoles (Various Sizes); Set of Rubber Floor Panels

This lot is currently located in Prop Store's Los Angeles facility and will ship directly to the buyer from the Los Angeles facility. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping and import charges from the US - please inquire for additional information.

Estimate: £40,000 - 60,000 US

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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