Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Operation Overdrive Double O Zip Shooter

Stock #25147

A Double-O Zip Shooter from the TV series Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. These shooters can be seen throughout the series as they were standard issue for each ranger. The Double-O Zip Shooter can fire either a zipline, flare, parachute or even a wire to tie up enemies; it can also be attached to the Drive Defender as a sniper scope allowing the ranger to zoom in on the desired target and fire a stronger shot.

This particular piece is actually a toy zip shooter; officially licensed toys were commonly used as props for filming throughout the many different Power Ranger series.

This piece is made of hard plastic and has been painted silver, gold, black, and red featuring the Operation Overdrive logo on each side. Additionally, this prop features a 360 degree rotating dial at the rear. This piece measures approximately 6" x 3" (15cm x 8cm) and is in good condition with some wear due to production use and age.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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