Piranha 3DD

Deputy Fallon's (Ving Rhames) Shot Gun Leg with Accesories

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Deputy Fallon's (Ving Rhames) shot gun leg and accessories from the 2012 horror-comedy sequel, Piranha 3DD. These items can be seen used by Deputy Fallon towards the end of the film as he and ex cameraman, Andrew Cunningham (Paul Scheer), find themselves caught up in Piranha mayhem once again.

The shotgun "prosthesis" is constructed out of an adjustable metal crutch leg, which has been securely attached to a plastic toy shotgun. The plastic shot gun has been painted and detailed to appear as though it is a real sawed off shotgun and even features a break open ability. By pressing down on the plastic hammer the barrel and fabric wrapped grip break apart; exposing two plastic, gold painted shells, which can be easily removed.

Additionally, this item comes with Fallon's plastic leg mount attachment. Due to production use, these items displays areas of wear, but overall remain in very good condition. The shotgun measures approximately 34" (86cm) in length and the mount 9" x 7.5" (23cm x 19cm).

Recent changes to the violent crime reduction bill mean that this particular prop can only be sold to customers who reside outside the UK. It is illegal for a resident of the UK to buy this item.

Exemptions are for N.A.R.E.S registered re-enactors, public museums/galleries or use in a film, television or theatrical production. In all cases paperwork will be required to complete the sale

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Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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