Michael Jackson: Moonwalker

Lot # 324 - Live Auction 2018 - Spike’s (Michael Jackson) Speed Demon Costume

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Spike’s (Michael Jackson) costume from musical anthology Moonwalker. Directed by Academy Award®-winner Will Vinton, the “Speed Demon” segment saw Jackson disguise himself as Spike the rabbit in an attempt to hide from a mob of fans and paparazzi.

The costume comprises a rabbit head, a biker jacket, a shirt, a pair of trousers and two belts. The resin head is reinforced with linen mesh, with foam ears, large rabbit teeth and Michael Jackson’s signature black hair. The jacket displays various decorative zips and buckles, which are oversized to appear cartoon-like. The buckles are finished in faux-silver and gold-coloured paint; however, most of the gold paint has been worn away over time, leaving the bright green undercoat visible. The yellow trousers feature matching decorative zips and buckles, with two brown belts worn over the top, also with oversized buckles and studs.

The jacket, shirt and trousers have been decorated with paint to match the bold visual style of the segment’s stop-motion Spike rabbit. The costume shows significant cracking to the jacket and ears of the head as a result of age but remains in good overall condition. Dimensions (rabbit head): 51 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm (20 ¼” x 17” x 16 ¼”)

£10,000 - 15,000

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