Indiana Jones & The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Kit West-Signed Storyboard - Fire Descends

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A framed storyboard copy used in the production of the Indiana Jones adventure The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Pages such as this were integral to the creation of the movie, and enabled the team to visualise each shot early on. This illustration features a shot from the climax of the film when a column of fire, caused from the fury of the Ark, enters the frame, turns and exits through the lower portion of the frame.

This production used copy has a description beneath reading, ‘Wide shot looking into sky. Column of fire comes into frame, turns around and exits down toward island again. No lid can be seen.’ Dated ’11.13.80’ the storyboard is marked as shot number ‘0A64’, page number 105 and is printed on blue A4 sized paper. It has been hole punched at the top showing that these would have been held together in sequence. It is also signed by Kit West who was the Oscar winning special effects supervisor on the picture.

The page comes presented in a custom built display with laser cut mount board featuring the movie title and brief description.

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Item size - 14.96" x 14.57" x 0.98" (38cm x 37cm x 2.5cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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