Lot # 346 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Full-size Image Animation Pinhead (Doug Bradley) Replica

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A full-size Pinhead (Doug Bradley) replica, made to promote Clive Barker's horror film Hellraiser. Pinhead was the main antagonist in the Hellraiser series, leading a group of sadomasochistic creatures from the bowels of Hell known as Cenobites.

This life-size replica was made by Image Animation, the effects team behind Hellraiser, Nightbreed and other horror films. The replica features Pinhead holding out the Lament Configuration, the device which acted as a gateway between our world and the world of the Cenobites.

The statue is made of fibreglass with a fabric skirt, and stands on a wooden display base. It features Pinhead's iconic metal-nail-studded head, and has been hand-painted to look as realistic as possible. There is some wear from age, including some cracking around the back of the head, which has seen some attempted repairs. There is also some staining on the skirt. Dimensions: 62 cm x 89 cm x 177 cm (24 1/2" x 35" x 69 3/4")

£2,000 - 3,000

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Item size - 24.41" x 3.15" x 6.69" (62cm x 89cm x 177cm)

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