Praetorian Guard Costume and Shield

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”Roma ignis.”

A Praetorian guardsman costume with shield and sword, worn in Ridley Scott’s 2000 Oscar®-winning epic Gladiator.

Betrayed by his Emperor’s son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and sold into slavery, Roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe) finds his calling in the arena as a gladiator. But when a festival of games begins in Commodus’ honour, Maximus returns to Rome with thoughts of revenge for his lost Emperor and family.

This equipment and uniform was used by the elite foot guards of the Roman emperors Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) and Commodus. The Praetorian Guard were under the emperor’s direct command, being ordered by Commodus to execute Maximus in the forests of Germania and later seen in the arena as Commodus fights with Maximus to the death. Such equipment can be seen during the celebration of Maximus' victory in Germania and later in Rome during Commodus’ celebratory games.

The costume is composed of trousers and tunic made of purple wool, over which is worn a pair of leather boots and woollen leg wraps, a set of plastic 'lorica segmentata' (segmented cuirass) body armour, a leather skirt with armour plating, plastic greaves and bracers, a fibreglass helmet with plastic cheek plates and an eagle crest, and purple wool cape with lion detailing where it secures on the chest armour. The armour is finished in black, with leather strapping to secure the armour to the wearer, while the lion devices are finished in faux-gold paint.

Accompanying the armour is a shield and a Praetorian infantry gladius. The shield is made of formed card with a canvas covering, with wood grips and a plastic boss at the centre. The sword features a metal blade with wooden grips finished in black and a black scabbard with a sling allowing it to be carried at the side.

Well used on the production, with scratches and scuffs to the paint finish on the armour plates, the set remains in worn but good production-used condition with no sizes marked.

Materials: Fibreglass, Plastic, Artificial Leather, Ferrous Metals, Resin, Man-Made Woven Fibres.

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