Full Size Bust of the Diagnosian Tocot

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A full size bust of the Diagnosian Tocot from the cult sci-fi TV series Farscape. Launched through a wormhole to a distant galaxy, astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) finds himself being pursued by the militaristic Peacekeepers. Can he and the crew of the Moya escape in peace and find their way home?

Tocot, a Diagnosian medical doctor features in the final episode of season two titled “Die Me, Dichotomy”, when Moya’s crew take Crichton to see him to get the neural chip removed from Crichton’s head. The bust is made from resin with bronze filler powder applied to the bust to create the appearance of metal and is an exact reproduction of the original sculpt. The sculpture portrays many markings creating the texture of the creatures’ skin and features the pleated collar that frames Tocot’s face. The piece has a badge with the name “Tocot” on the base of the neck and comes displayed on a large square oak stand.

The oak base features many marks on the surface of the wood and a crack down the front. However, in spite of this wear the piece remains in very good condition and is an interesting and incredibly detailed collectors piece for any fan of the series.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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