Hero Micro Pod

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”Hey, tell me the truth… are we still in the game?”

A hero micro pod from David Cronenberg’s 1999 sci-fi thriller eXistenZ.

Allegra Gellar (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a game designer on the run from assassins, and must play her latest virtual reality game with marketing trainee Ted Pikul (Jude Law) in order to find out if the game still works.

This micro pod and others like it were made for the production of the film and appear when Allegra and Ted, having gone into the first level of the virtual reality game, are provided with ‘micro pods’. They then insert the pods into the bio-ports in the base of their spines.

Made from silicone, the pod is designed to look fleshy and organic. The silicone has become sticky over time, with dust, fibres and other flecks having stuck to it. Other than this it only has very minor wear from production use and is in a very good condition.

Materials: Silicone.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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