Dracula (TV Mini-Series 2020)

Dracula's (Claes Bang) Dead Transformation Wolf

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Dracula's (Claes Bang) dead transformation wolf from the BBC TV mini-series Dracula.

Near the end of the first episode, Dracula arrived at the monastery in the form of a wolf, before tearing his way out of the creature, covered in blood and viscera.

This unique animatronic wolf was created by special makeup effects designers Dave and Lou Elsey. It lies on a wooden board, and features a cavity in its chest, through which Bang and contortionists playing the deformed Dracula emerged. The wolf twitches its legs and feet when operated, and a hand lever is used to operate the mouth. The cavity is sealed with plastic, preventing the body collapsing, and the exposed innards are made of latex. The body and board are covered in stage blood.

The wolf has some wear from production use, with areas of hair matted and dirty from congealed stage blood, dust and sand on set. Overall it remains in an excellent, production-used condition.

Materials: Wood, Fibreglass, Ferrous Metals, Rubber, Man-Made Woven Fibres.

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