Sarge's (Dwayne Johnson) Costume

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A costume worn in the production of the 2005 shooter Doom. When a science team goes missing in a research base on Mars, Sarge (Dwayne Johnson), Reaper (Karl Urban) and the RRTS are sent in to find them. But a terrible secret and inhuman experimentation have created monsters beyond imagining, and they have to do whatever it takes to stop them reaching Earth.

This costume was worn by Sarge during the Olduvai operation, with this late-stage costume worn by the RRTS commander as he begins to mutate into his final monstrous form. The set is comprised of a dark green jumpsuit with multiple pockets and zips (labelled “Sarge 1” internally), a black material belt, a pair of modified fingerless gloves and a detailed black body armour vest (marked “Sarge 4 Stunt Dbl Tanoai Reed Large” internally).

The entire set has been distressed for use on the production, with dirt applied throughout and plenty of damage applied to the vest. The gloves have been distressed with latex “knuckles” added to further add to the look of Sarge’s transformation. A pair of knee pads (marked for use by The Kid) and elbow pads have been used to complete the set.

Featuring some wear and distressed for use, the costume remains in overall very good production-used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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