Prop Ammo Clips

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”We're gonna need something with a little bit more kick.”

Prop ammo clips the production of Doom, the movie adaptation of the classic shoot ‘em up video game.

Set in a future where humans have colonised Mars, a group of Marines lead by Sarge (Dwayne Johnson) is sent to a Martian research facility to fight off a hoard of genetically mutated monsters and stop them from getting to Earth.

These ammo clips and others like them were made for the production and would have been carried by the actors playing the Marines. Made of foam and painted black, these clips would have been held in the actors costumes to make them look more realistic, but are soft so that when the actors are doing stunt work they are not injured by them.

The pieces show some wear from production use and storage, with the paint having come away in some areas and exposing the foam underneath. The pieces remain in a fair condition.

Materials: Foam.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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