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Sister Greta Fraueva's (Robin Weigert) Rigged Dagger of Megiddo Set Super Sale 10% Off

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"You expect me to believe that there's really a God, there's really a Devil, and I'm on the wrong side."

Sister Greta Fraueva's (Robin Weigert) rigged Dagger of Megiddo set from Glen Mazzara's 2016 drama horror television series Damien.

After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.

Greta used a dagger to stab Damien (Bradley James) as she began a ritual to lure the demon out of him during the ninth episode, "The Devil You Know". The set comprises two modified daggers made from rubber with metal armatures, which were created for special-effects sequences. The middle of the first blade features a cut-out section where a metal rig has been attached. The second dagger exhibits an incomplete blade with an exposed screw at the end. Both weapons display decorative pommels, which have been finished in bronze-coloured paint.

Signs of production use are present on both daggers, including stage blood remnants, minor wear and slightly curved blade tips. The set is accompanied by a 20th Century Fox certificate of authenticity.

Materials: Ferrous Metals, Rubber.

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