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A set of call sheets used in the production of the Academy Award-winning biopic Braveheart.

The film chronicles the struggles faced by the Scots under King Edward (Patrick McGoohan) and the rallying of the Scottish clans by William Wallace (Mel Gibson), whose failed insurrection inspires Scotland to rise up against their English occupiers and claim their independence.

Call sheets are a vital part of the film production process as they tell the cast and crew all they need to know such as where to be, when to be there and what they will be doing when they get there, they can even have weather reports should there be any outdoor filming.

Printed on white A4 paper, the call sheets list various requirements for each department for the different filming days. One of the call sheets details call times for cast members including Wallace (Mel Gibson), Hamish (Brendan Gleeson), Campbell (James Cosmo) and others. Each set displays a note in bold writing stating that there should be unauthorised photography and that no cameras are allowed without permission. Two of the sheets are labelled as ‘265’.

The sheets display minor marks and creasing on certain pages from use on production. However, in spite of this wear the call sheets remain in very good used condition.

Materials: Paper.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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