Replica Terry English Colonial Marine Costume

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A set of replica Colonial Marine armour from Aliens, made by renowned armourer Terry English. English, who made the armour for the original film as well as armour for Alien³, hand-beat this armour privately after the production.

The armour is made of aluminium with artificial leather and foam trim and is composed of a helmet, upper body armour, codpiece and shin guards. The armour is finished in the style of Marine private Hudson (Bill Paxton), with graffiti on the chest and back over the green and brown camouflage. Both the chest armour and the greaves are marked with Terry English’s trademark “T” stamp, ensuring that the armour was made personally by him.

Along with the armour, the set is supplied with a replica set of Marine BDUs with Hudson insignia, a shoulder lamp, range tracker, tracker watch, Hudson dogtags, hacking tool kit, belt tool, smartgun battery, grenades in transit box, welder, webbing set and pouches. A real Gerber fighting knife – the same style carried by some of the Marines in the film, including Hudson – is secured on the front straps.

Displaying some minor wear from use and time on display, the set remains in excellent condition.

This item is on consignment and is sold under the margin scheme for collector's items; no VAT is due.
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