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Poster Auction FAQs

This FAQ is designed as an introduction to Prop Store’s Poster auctions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Are the posters original?
A. Yes, everything is original. If a poster is a re-release or a limited edition print, this will be detailed, otherwise it can be assumed that the items offered are all original 1st release posters.

All items sold through Prop Store’s auctions are authenticated and certified with our industry-leading Certificate of Authenticity and its accompanying lifetime guarantee of attribution.

Q: Is the poster artwork original?
A. Yes, the poster artwork offered is all original and will be detailed either as “prototype” or “finished” artwork.

Q. Are the posters folded?
A. Many posters were issued already pre-folded but we always detail whether a poster is folded or unfolded and when a folded poster has subsequently been rolled.

Q. Are the posters backed?
A. Where posters have been backed, we detail this and determine whether the posters have been linen or paper-backed. Conservation backing is an industry accepted procedure that preserves posters and adds value.

Q. Have the posters been restored?
A. Each poster is examined on an individual basis and where restoration is apparent, this is mentioned in the cataloguing. We cannot make an evaluation of the quality of restoration undertaken but we always strive to offer posters in the best and most presentable condition possible.

Q. What condition are the posters in?
A. We provide a basic grading system (“Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” and “Poor”). Furthermore we catalogue the condition of each individual poster and where there are material faults we highlight these. Each poster is photographed front/back and we provide additional images to show any major faults. Potential buyers may also visit and examine posters in person, by appointment. It is our aim to be as helpful and transparent about condition as possible so that our clients can buy with confidence.

Q. Can Prop Store ship posters/artwork bought at auction?
A. Yes, Prop Store has it’s own in-house dispatch department who can pack and dispatch items worldwide so that buyers do not need to arrange this via a 3rd party.

Q. How do I consign?
A. Please contact Prop Store’s poster consultants Mike and Chris Bloomfield via email or call 01635 269 327 to discuss what you have available.

Q. How often will Prop Store be hold poster auctions?
A. Prop Store plans to hold two marquee poster auctions per year.

For additional information on Prop Store, please see our Auction FAQ, General FAQ and Ordering FAQ.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.