Original Trilogy Location Stills

Lars Homestead exterior set, outside of Nefta.  Reconstructed in 2001,  at the original location, for Attack of the Clones.

The Lars' dining room at Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata.  This underground  dwelling is actually an operating hotel, and is over 700 years old

The infamous Jawa rock at the entrance of Star Wars Canyon, east of  Tozuer.

La Grande Dune, a few miles from the homestead exterior, was where C-3PO came across the Krayt Dragon Bones.
This fiberglass prop was originally made for a 1975 Disney film called One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing.
That film employed a number of the key technicians who would go on to create Star Wars.

Looking down into the Hotel Sidi Driss, which served as the interior of  the Lars homestead.  This set was also reconstructed in 2001 for
Attack of the Clones.

The distinct cliff on the left side of the Star Wars Canyon can also be  seen during the ark procession in Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

The exterior of the Lars Homestead is several hundred miles from the  interior set in Matmata.  The crater on the right is intended to
represent the Hotel Sidi Driss set.

This small fisherman's hut on the coast of Djerba was used for the  establishing shot of Obi-Wan's house in Star Wars.
In the 1997 Special Edition it was replaced with a digital shot.

This marabout, also on Djerba, was the site of the infamous cut scenes  between Garrick Hagon and Mark Hamill.
It is seen in the final cut of the film only briefly, when the landspeeder flies past.

The Mos Eisley cantina, located in Ajim on Djerba, was an existing  building that was dressed
during production with a false front and additional fiberglass detailing. Some fiberglass domes from the
set were still present 25 years later.

Hiking up to the overlook at the Star Wars canyon is hard work, but the  views are worth it.
This ledge is also where the Sand People first view Luke's speeder coasting through the canyon.

Prequel Trilogy Location Stills