Season One


Unorthodox profiler Will Graham is enlisted by the FBI’s Jack Crawford to catch the Minnesota Shrike, a serial killer who targets young women. When answers prove elusive, they ask noted psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter to consult on both the case and the mental strain it is causing Will.


Will and Jack hunt a killer who is burying his victims alive as fertilizer for his intricate garden of fungus, while Hannibal tries to shield Will from prying tabloid journalist Freddie Lounds.


Determined to give Abigail closure, Will and Hannibal travel with Abigail back home to the scene of her father’s crimes.


After the brutal murder of an otherwise happy family, Will and Jack uncover a string of child kidnappings where it seems the children have turned against their parents.


The Team tracks a killer who is turning his victims into “angels,” while Jack deals with a personal crisis.


Dr. Abel Gideon, an inmate at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, claims to be the real Chesapeake Ripper. Will and Jack set out to test his assertions.


After a man is found dead in a hotel room with his kidney missing, Jack believes the serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper has resurfaced.


Will and Jack pursue a murderer who makes instrument strings from the gut of humans.

“Trou Normand”

A human totem pole is found on a beach, comprised of seventeen different bodies. As the Team works to find a common thread between the victims, Abigail comes clean to Hannibal on a dark secret.

“Buffet Froid”

Will questions his sanity as he gets inside the mind of a killer who believes that she herself is already dead.


Having escaped custody, Dr. Abel Gideon seeks revenge on his former therapists, as Will battles his own escalating mental crisis.


Hannibal consults his own therapist about his complex relationship with Will, while Will’s newly expanded theory on the Copy Cat killer makes Jack question his grasp on reality.


Will’s mental decline results in tragedy, when it appears he may have murdered Abigail Hobbs. With himself as his only defender, Will desperately tries to prove he’s being framed by the real Copy Cat killer.

Season Two


Workers make a grisly discovery—bodies discarded in a river, creating a soupy crime scene for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) to decipher. Hannibal Lecter assumes Will Graham’s FBI duties, assisting on the case, while Will sits in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane awaiting trial for the very murders he investigated.


The BAU team narrows in on the origin of the discarded bodies from the soupy crime scene (episode 201), working to discover the killer’s artful plan, while Will Graham begins an artful plan of his own from within the asylum.


Will Graham’s trial begins, but when an avid fan starts recreating crimes similar to those Will is accused of committing, even Will’s strongest detractors are forced to reconsider the case against him.


The FBI is called in when a dead body is discovered, the skull converted into a beehive. Meanwhile Beverly Katz finds a clue about the mural killer that sends her down a deadly path.


After profiling the murder of Beverly Katz, Will Graham reaches his breaking point and sends a killer after Hannibal Lecter—with chilling results.


Suspicions rise about Hannibal Lecter when he throws a dinner party while the Chesapeake Ripper is on a killing spree.