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Comic Art Auctions – Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Printed Publications

  • TwoMorrows Publications Publisher of a number of fanzines related to comic art including Draw!, Alter Ego, and Back Issue Magazine. Steven Alan Payne’s Grail Pages book published by TwoMorrows provides insights into the background of many prominent collectors in the hobby.
  • IDW Publishing IDW’s line of Artist’s Edition books present full-size reproductions of original comic art shot directly from the art. Their catalog includes books focused on specific artists, publishers or themes.
  • Graphitti Designs Similar, to IDW, Graphitti Designs’ Gallery Editions allow you to see full-size comic at pages shot directly off the original art. Graphitti has compiled many memorable projects including Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Ronin, Kelly Jones’ Batman and Deadman, Sandman, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, among others.
  • Overstreet Price Guide The leading price guide for comic books since 1970. It does not include extensive information about comic art in particular, but is a good source of information about publication dates and key issues within comic book titles.


  • : A service that provides historical data on past comic art sales and also allows you to search across multiple sites and auction houses to find art.
  • Felix Comic Art : Produces a series of podcasts with collectors, dealers, and artists to get their stories and insight into their collections.
  • Grand Comics Database : An online database that allows you to identify creators that worked on particular comic books and also provides a summary of what occurred in each issue along with publication information.
  • Bleeding Cool : The latest news about comics and related topics.
  • Comixology : Allows digital access to comics across a number of publishers.
  • Marvel Unlimited : Allows digital access to the library of Marvel Comics on a subscription basis.

Forums and Groups

  • ComicArtFans : A forum where collectors can post pictures and information about comic art in their collections. Also, an active forum for buying and selling and to get news alerts related to comic art.
  • CGC Boards : A discussion board forum for collectors to post on various topics related to comic art. The Comic Art Marketplace is also a forum for posting items for sale and wantlists.
  • ComicArt-L : An e-mail based discussion forum that collectors can join to exchange information and points of view on topics related to comic art.