Wolfman, The

Lawrence Talbot's (Benicio Del Toro) Rifle And Leather Holster

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"I must confess, I envy my brother. The days he had with you, what joy he must have felt. I would have given anything I own to have known you in another life. I must get back to Talbot Hall and end this."

Lawrence Talbot’s (Benicio Del Toro) stunt rifle and leather holster made for the production of Joe Johnston’s 2010 horror movie The Wolfman.

Lawrence Talbot is a Shakespearean actor who is bitten by a werewolf, and cursed to transform during the full moon into a bloodthirsty beast.

Talbot carries his rifle in the scenes where he enters the gypsy camp. This stunt gun is made from hardened rubber as this is much safer to use on set during the high-action scenes. It has been painted to give it a very realistic appearance, the barrel and 'metal parts' painted a weathered black and the 'body' of the gun painted to resemble real wood. The gun is accompanied by a thick leather holster, complete with straps, buckles, stitched edging and rivets.

This piece shows some wear from production use with some paint slightly rubbed off, however remains in good overall condition.

Materials: Rubber, Man-Made Woven Fibre, Ferrous Metals.

Ownership of this imitation firearm is restricted for UK residents to registered re-enactors, galleries or individuals in film, television or theatre production. Please enquire for further details. It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to check, prior to bidding, the legal status of this prop within their own country and its importation therein.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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