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“Ooh, I’m really scared. No! Don’t! There’s a - a peck here with an acorn pointed at me!”

Original production-used screenplay of Ron Howard’s 1988 high fantasy film Willow, with story by George Lucas.

Willow (Warwick Davis), a reluctant dwarf, must protect a special baby from the clutches of the evil Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh).

This item is 111 pages long, a mixture of white paper (original draft), blue (second draft) and green (fourth draft). The blue pages are headed ‘revised 4/27/87’ and the green ones are headed ‘revised 5/6/87’.

The title page identified this script as a second draft, second revision, dated April 1st 1987. Asterisks in the right hand margin show which lines have been changed, and there are numerous additional pages.

The story is credited to George Lucas and the screenplay to Bob Dolman. This item is unannotated and bound in a yellow card jacket by a metal fastener. There are some rust marks underneath the fastener and some scuffs, thanks to production use, storage and age, but otherwise this 1987 script is in very good condition.

Materials: Paper, Card, Ferrous Metals.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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