Lot # 298 - Warcraft Auction - Orgrim Mocap Suit and VFX Doomhammer

Stock #87292

Scene Reference: A production made Orgrim mocap suit and doom hammer for VFX use. Performers wore motion capture suits and wielded motion capture and VFX weapons while portraying Orcs during production.



Materials: Polyester blend, spandex, foam, velcro

Tags & Markings: Tops marked for RK. Component includes an original production tag.

Additional Information: Lot includes two tops.


Materials: Polyester blend, spandex, velcro

Tags & Markings: Two components are marked for "RK."

Additional Information: Lot includes three pants.


Materials: Nylon, faux leather, rubber

Additional Information: Marked size 9.5.


Materials: Nylon, suede, velcro, foam

Tags & Markings: Marked for Orgrim.

Materials: Doom Hammer

Tags & Markings: Metal, plastic, foam

Additional Information: Marked for Orgrim, Blackrock Hammer, and Blackhands Hammer.

Condition: Good  Learn more about Prop Store's condition statements here

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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