Lot # 2 - Warcraft Auction - Ghorbash's Costume

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Scene Reference: Ghorbash wore his outfit at the Great Gate before the Horde teleported to Azeroth. Though many characters in the film were created digitally, physical outfits were created for lighting reference and texture mapping.


Chest Armor

Materials: Foam, rubber, leather, metal, resin


Materials: Foam, leather, cotton, poly

Leg Armor

Materials: Resin, rubber, leather, cotton, poly

Loin Cloth

Materials: Leather, faux fur

Additional Information: Component inlcudes a front and back piece.


Materials: Resin, leather, cotton, foam


Materials: Leather, resin, foam

Waist Straps

Materials: Resin, foam

Additional Information: Lot includes nine straps.

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