Van Helsing

Dwergi Costume

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A Dwerger Costume from the 2004 Stephen Sommers monster adventure, Van Helsing. In the film, the famous monster slayer, Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman), is sent to Transylvania to stop Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) from using Dr. Frankenstein’s (Samuel West) research for a nefarious plan.

The dwergi characters are the minions of Dracula that assist Igor (Kevin J. O’Connor) with Dracula’s maniacal experiment. The costume is made as a one piece body suit, and has a torso made of leather that is padded on the inside. The chest of the costume includes vertical leather straps, and has been decorated with numerous pieces for to add to the aesthetic of the piece. The sleeves of the arms and pant legs are made from a combination of rope yarn and green fabric. The inside of the costume has a fabric lining so that the coarse materials don’t bother the skin.

Included with this costume is a pair of gloves which are made from a pair of brown leather gloves that have been dressed with loosely threaded green fabric. Similarly, the simple leather boots have been decorated with the same green fabric and lace up with a strip of leather. A simple hood wrap has been included as well, which is made from a similar material as the body suit, and has Velcro strips at the ends.

Please note that this costume was custom made and does not include any sizing information, however it remains in good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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