Universal Soldier

Universal Soldier Uniform

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A Universal Soldier uniform from the 1992 Roland Emmerich sci fi action film, Universal Soldier. In the film, two fallen Vietnam soldiers are resurrected by the a secret military project, designed to reanimate super soldiers.

The costume consists of an armor vest, mesh long-sleeve shirt, pants and one glove. The armor vest is made of cotton and features a camouflage pattern throughout. Each shoulder is fitted with a shoulder pad made of resin and feature "Special Forces" and "Sniper" patches on each shoulder. The front and back of the jacket also include multiple pads made of resin outfitted along the front and back to depict armor. Along the rear collar of the jacket is a handwritten label reading "Ralph," indicating the jacket as Ralf Moeller's who played GR76 in the film. The mesh long-sleeve shirt also has a camouflage pattern as well as a few minor signs of discoloration and stage blood along the top of the shirt and collar. The camouflage pants are cargo-style and include a nylon belt. The pants are also labelled along the waistline for GR86 (Eric Norris). A size extra-large (XL) left-handed fingerless glove with a mesh knuckle cover and leather palm is also included.

The costume shows minor signs of discoloration and wear from production use and age, but it remains in good overall condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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