Limited Edition Replica SHADO Interceptor & UFO Saucer

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Limited edition replicas of a SHADO Interceptor and a UFO saucer from Gerry Anderson's sci-fi television series UFO.

SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) Interceptors were Earth's primary defence spaceship, armed only with a frontal nuclear missile as they defended the world from the UFO saucers of an unnamed alien race.

Built by Iconic Replicas, the Interceptor is made of resin and hand-painted, with a clear acrylic canopy shielding a model pilot inside. It sits on an acrylic rod, on a base designed to replicate the Moon's surface. A plaque indicates it is number "07/50". The saucer model is also predominantly resin and acrylic, sitting on an acrylic rod above a lunar landscape, and is numbered "7/100". The saucer is accompanied by a resin miniature of a spacesuited human.

The replicas come with two certificates of authenticity from Iconic Replicas and a poster advertising the initial release of the Interceptor replica. The items have very little wear, with the Interceptor sitting slightly askew on its stand. Dimensions (Interceptor display): 68 cm x 37 cm x 45 cm (26 3/4" x 14 1/2" x 17 3/4"); (UFO display): 28 cm x 28 cm x 42 cm (11" x 11" x 16 1/2")

Materials: Resin, Ferrous Metals, Acrylic, Paper, Card.

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