Priam's (Peter O'Toole) Silver and Black Drapes

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Priam’s (Peter O’Toole) silver and black drapes from Wolfgang Petersen’s adaptation of Homer’s great epic Troy. After falling for the beautiful Helen (Diane Kruger), Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) smuggles her aboard the ship of his brother, Hector (Eric Bana) to take her to Troy. Seeking revenge, the Greek armies led by Agamemnon (Brian Cox) and the legendary warrior Achilles (Brad Pitt) set sail for Troy, where one of history’s greatest wars will be waged.

The King of Troy wears his drapes as he mourns at the funeral of his son Hector, killed by Achilles. The piece is notably seen when Priam stands next to Paris, who wears similar drapes, and they both set fire to Hector’s body. The item consists of a long piece of sheer black fabric, appropriately coloured for the sad occasion, and was draped on top of Priam’s robe. The fabric has been heavily decorated with an elaborate floral and leaf pattern, created using a combination of various metallic coloured pieces of fabric and small sequins.

This item displays signs of wear including multiple holes, loose threads and loose embellishment pieces. However, despite this wear, the drapes remain in good production used condition and the piece is fragile, so should be handled with care.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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