Tropic Thunder

Tran's (Brandon Soo Hoo) Stunt RPG

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Tran's (Brandon Soo Hoo) Stunt RPG from the 2008 comedy, Tropic Thunder. In the film, a rag-tag group of actors are dropped into the jungles of the Golden Triangle to shoot a movie guerrilla style. Unfortunately for them, the locals are a heroin-manufacturing gang known as 'Flaming Dragon' and they aren't shooting blanks.

Tran fires an RPG at the troupe of actors after they had infiltrated his camp. Stunt weapons such as this piece are commonly used for distance shots where a hero piece is not needed; they are lighter and therefore easier for the actors to handle. Cast from a real type 69 rocket launcher, the piece is made of urethane that has been painted in shades of black and brown to depict metal and wood. The item has some wear from production use and although it is not seen in the final cut of the film, it is in overall good condition.

The violent crime reduction bill means that this particular prop can only be sold to customers who reside outside the UK. Generally speaking, it is illegal for a resident of the UK to buy this item.

Exemptions are for N.A.R.E.S (or similar) registered re-enactors, public museums/galleries or use in a film, television or theatrical production. In all cases paperwork will be required to complete the sale.

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